Thursday, July 9, 2015

Last night, when I was at work, Jim took the girls to county judging for their Hunting-Wildlife projects. Both got a blue ribbon- meaning their books were filled out well & completely. They each met standards (went past minimum standards) of meeting requirements, demonstrations, community service, leadership skills and learning activities. A county representative will be selected to represent Fulton county. It may be one of our girls-- or not-- but this is the first year they've competed against each other in the same age group. We will be supportive whomever is picked.

Today Hannah went to get her puppet project judged. This was a whim of a project "just to try". Hannah is a great fabricator & very creative. She immediately chose marionettes. She researched history, influence, etc. I was surprised to learn entire operas were dedicated to marionettes in the 18th century. Puppets could perform acts on stage that were deemed inappropriate for human actors. I always learn from their 4-H projects! -As I suspected, she did extremely well & came out with a blue ribbon. It seemed there was no one competing in that project so I'm guessing that's an automatic county winner.

As for Jillian's sewing project, sadly, we will not finish that by judging, tomorrow. We've been a bit busy planning National Shooting Competitions & college entrance. We didn't finish it early... but we have until September for our own county fair.

I am so happy to have the girls in 4-H. We've kept busy over the summer & have done activities as a family.

Waiting for county results then we may plan a state fair trip...


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