Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I learned I was good at art "late" in high school. I had a great teacher that helped me accomplish a lot in 3 years. I "knew nothing" about papers, charcoal, different types of paints, pencils, etc. I eventually started accumulating my own supplies. As we had kids, I hoped they would be artistic & I vowed to expose them to everything I had- supply wise. I even bought them their own easels! They're still in their boxes-- waiting.

I LOVE seeing our girls, now. All the suggestions I gave... to "try" different mediums fell on deaf ears-- BUT-- just having the supplies available to them was an invitation. Hannah is more adventurous than Jillian. She asked if she could do a watercolor this week. Absolutely!!! I've been stock piling for such an occasion! While her subject matter isn't what I would have chosen, it's tight, bright and fabulous so far. Jillian is still attached to pen & pencil --but taking college art classes this year-- we'll see what she dabbles in...

I took them to Michaels's craft store yesterday for some puppet supplies for Hannah. We walked out with art books, face paint, marionette supplies, paint & pens. --Love me a couple of artsy girls!

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