Saturday, July 4, 2015

I was very proud of Jim, today. 1st of all I appreciated him being out there with me. I usually don't mind the first few miles... but as the miles go on, it's nice to have company.

The bike trails were busy with bikers, walkers, runners, skaters & a momma turkey with her 7 babies. (No photo) :( Jim stayed close until I ran out of gas toward mile 13. He got off his bike & ran with me, pushing his bike. Our pace was slow as I took walking breaks, then jogged... but it was good for both of us. I told him he was doing a "brick" work out. Triathletes train by biking then running in one work out session. I sensed a smile. 

16 miler in the books. Hills this week then 18, next week. Today wasn't pretty but I feel it all coming back.

The new Newtons are wonderful! NO BLISTERS, hotspots, sore feet-- at ALL! I would have to tape my feet incessantly in my Brooks, Asics or Saucony on any run 6 miles or more. Newtons have my feet baby soft with no blisters even after a 16 miler! YAY!

Still trying nutrition options but Tailwind & now, Honey Stinger waffles seem to work well for me. A bit "drier" than choking down a gel but no gagging gels, either. They sat in my gut well. --It's a learn as you go, thing.

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