Friday, July 17, 2015

20 miler on the schedule, yesterday-- I only made 18. I held out for a good (for me pace) for 10 miles... then slowed a bit. By 13-14 I was thirsty for water & only had Tailwind drink in my Camelbak. (I seriously need a new hydration pack where I can carry both.) I walk ran then walked. At mile 16, I passed the section of trail I was going to take for a mile then back for my 20. I just kept walking. Jim came out on his bike & thankfully had water. I slurped then lady-like burped.

I started my run, solo. I'm used to it. When I reached the turn around point, the sun was still low, behind me. I saw my shadow with bouncing, swaying ponytail. I smiled knowing I wasn't "alone". I was running with my shadow! Then I thought I was crazy because I personified an inanimate object... Such is "monkey brain" during a run. I quickly moved on to other subjects in my mind.

A cat came from the underbrush & kept me company for awhile then disappeared. I saw a snake & the usual chipmunks, squirrels, birds, butterflies, dragonflies, wild flowers & miscellaneous jewel toned bugs.

I didn't earn this picture, yet. This was me at mile +17. I was still thinking I may run (walk) past my van for a mile, then back. I didn't. --I wouldn't skip eating on race day. I don't know why I thought I could do it, yesterday. Part of me was confident in Tailwind drink and wanted to experiment before race day. I know, now-- stick to morning food, Tailwind for nutrition... bring water... take caffeine with more calories!

 I'll try again next week. Slow miles at the end but I live to tell the tale & run another day...

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