Monday, February 23, 2015

What a CRAZY weekend! I worked. The weather was awful & scary to drive in. We hired a new person to help us with our workload. The girls were off school a lot this week... I'm still trying to do "mom" stuff. I had a race. We had archery practice for the 4-H group. I was trying to get to a family event for Jim's family. I didn't work out... At some point- you can't say yes to everything.

I FORGOT I had a race this weekend! How does one "forget" something like that?! My long run got bumped a few times because of the weather & LIFE... -Organizing group, work & family events mean planning multiple details & steps. I enjoy it, really; but, this week was a daily juggling act.

At times of incredible chaos, a run is the only thing that calms & makes sense. I am incredibly grateful that I have this new lifestyle. I am incredibly grateful that I can PROMOTE this lifestyle. I LOVE talking about running, racing & running gear. I enjoy talking race schedules & training plans. I enjoy talking to new people about "how to start"; &, I love learning a thing or two from more experienced runners.

My goal is to eventually transition into ultra running. This may be the year it happens! Biomechanically, this is the best form I've been in- in years! I just need to build my mileage back up... & add those darn hills! I struggle with nutrition timing but am getting better with that, too. Today, I received a BUNCH of suggestions on blister prevention- important for Ultras!

I have come out of my shell enough to ask for help... & guess what? People aren't all mean & scary! Racing is fun & social... but I haven't gotten to the point of socializing, at a race, for long. It's "coming"... I am not the wall flower I used to be. I don't like the lime light but sometimes taking the lead PUTS you in the lime light. I appreciate that many have entrusted me with responsibilities.

I am looking forward to the Glass City Marathon. I look forward to local Toledo Roadrunner events that I am participating in & volunteering at... I look forward to some themed races in Michigan & locally that I will dress accordingly for! I excitedly anticipate 2015 & what it holds in store... 

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