Thursday, February 12, 2015

Let's talk mentoring & encouragement:

We've all started at "zero", at some point in our lives. When I applied to be an ambassador for INKnBURN, I was asked if I do any volunteer work or mentoring. I was easily able to answer yes on the subject of volunteering. I've spent years, donating hours, supplies and money as I've organized & set up book fairs, fair booths, parade floats... I've done accounting and set designs for school art shows & displays, reading programs, gun safety education, etc. While most of my volunteer work has been mostly for kids & kid related organizations, I still LOVE to promote the healing power of a good run!
My family is always first on my mind. My obligations to them & their interests help prioritize which group will receive my attention... Mentoring? Have I TRULY mentored? Other than my kids...?
  • men·tor- verb-
    advise or train (someone, especially a younger colleague).
 While embarrassed & always second guessing my abilities, my goal has always been to encourage females to run. It has brought me mental relief from a life filled with daily stress & worries. I want women & girls to know they can have an emotional outlet & feel PROUD of themselves; so, I talk & write about the good & bad- so others can learn from my mistakes or see that even someone with limited abilities (& a late start in life) can have eventual success. When you can do something you couldn't do a month ago... it's a pretty GREAT feeling! I had someone encourage & tell me "I could"... even when I didn't think it was possible. That is the one message I have: someone's encouragement can often be the motivation to believe & try something new & gloriously scary!
Today I met with a local business woman. We talked about family, business, the Glass City Marathon & the expo! It was very heart warming to see someone take up running (later in life, like me!) & have all the new questions I did so many years ago! We discussed injuries, pace, running solo, running with others,  locations to run, pepper spray, tech fabrics, reflective materials, INKnBURN graphics, colors, hand held water bottles, Camelbaks & MANY other topics! Another local mom came in sharing HER progress on moving from walking to running! We all encouraged each other to not give up. 
-In the end: she wants to be a vendor at our local Glass City Marathon expo in April! Promoting our race? You bet!!!
Congratulations, Tami Riffle, on beginning your running journey! Looking forward to having you toe the line, soon, at a race!!!
Tami is the owner of Look at Me! Signs, Graphics & Screen printing in Whitehouse, Ohio. Look for her- hopefully at our expo... or at the start line!

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