Thursday, February 19, 2015


I've been cooped up & freaking out that I was falling farther & farther behind on my training, this week. I physically can't run on a treadmill. -My MIND goes bonkers but my calves start BURNING as the machine forces the weight transfer from mid foot to toe push off, a bit too quickly for me. I can get used to it, eventually... but not on a long run. -It has been SO COLD! I have tried to run outside on shorter runs. It's "possible" but not enjoyable in ski bibs & face mask... -I decided to drive farther to a place with an indoor track, today. It was awesome! Enough distraction present to keep me from getting bored. I brought my little hand held clicker/counter, so it was like a little reward getting to click. 16 laps equaled one mile. I did 100 laps. It went quickly! Today was a trial & I will be back for my long run. -I got motivated by seeing other people exercising. I saw a friendly, familiar face & was able to speed play by pushing the pace on the side (short) straight away. If the weather is cold... this is my new place! It was SOOOOOO NICE wearing a running skirt & tank top- not being under layers of clothes! It was SO NICE not worrying about ice, uneven, snow packed terrain. It was SO NICE not worrying about carrying a water bottle; I just left it on the knee wall. It was so nice being able to put two ear buds in, not carrying mace & just JAM- not worrying about being alone & watching my surroundings. THEN...

I came home to find my black package in the mail from INKnBURN!!!

I felt my ambassador business cards in there, too! I LOVE my new INKnBURN Run or Die pieces! I am NOT a "skull girl" but these were SO bright... & they are even better in person! I put on my tee & my husband LITERALLY stopped mid-sentence then gasped. "THAT'S a NICE tee." Me: "I know, right? I can get you one." My girls were both saying "Niiiice!" -I am still a bit of a wall flower. I'm not "SHY"... I explain that I'm an introvert: self-reflective, self-preserving, non-lime light person... BUT still waters run deep. My new clothing makes me feel POWERFUL. It makes me feel strong! It's hard to explain how a shirt can do this... It's as if all the colors & designs that explain WHO I am, the art & passion in my mind & heart, the quietness & love of the Earth... are on these shirts.


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