Friday, November 11, 2016

My first day back at the gym! I tried a push up, last night to see if I had any strength- or discomfort.  I would gauge it to see if I could try swimming, today. I felt a "rip" across my right pectoral. I stopped. It shocked me but it wasn't "terribly" painful. I tried, again. I got four. They were full push ups- not knee push ups... but they were slow... & only four! It was NOT comfortable & a test to decided to try the gym- swimming or weights. I did a light workout. One station of a lot of different things. Then, I saw my old swim coach! I was embarrassed. She didn't say hello. Should I? It was like seeing an old boyfriend. Do you say: "Hello- I'm in a new relationship"? Do you have to say anything at all? I approached her & said hello. She definitely remembered me. I explained I was taking swim lessons, again. I told her I needed to "back up to basics a bit farther. You told me I was 'wind milling'." I explained some corrected techniques I've learned & how I'm having success with kick & arm entry. "Well, we'll see you back when you're ready." I was thinking: "I'll stay where I'm at..." -I just nodded & wished her a good workout. -I worked out a bit more-- floundered at what came easily a few weeks ago. I still can't do chest or back exercises. Any arm exercises are still surprisingly difficult. The doctor said he will "go to town on that rib" at my next visit. I thought he did, already! He did not. It would explain a lot. 😕 All in all, things are getting back to normal in many ways. This is just a hiccup that is not uncommon in my clumsy life. 😁

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