Monday, December 1, 2014

So... I was eating some chips & dip, last night... feeling gross... but continuously eating...

Me: "I feel sick eating this crap."
Hannah (my daughter): "Why don't you go running?"
Me: "I will tomorrow. I didn't get to this weekend."
Hannah: "Maybe I could run with you, sometime..."
Me: "Hannah... I would LOVE that!" I told her how I always dreamed about us doing a Disney race, crossing the finish line, holding hands with matching Tinkerbell wings..."
-silence, a giggle, then an explanation from her how she would want to be the sarcastic, purple winged fairy, instead...
H: "I'd need new running shoes... & a place to sprint at the end..."
I told her how awesome the scenery is at Oak Openings. We planned starting slow & low mileage... -I told her how dad couldn't run a mile when we started & we went his pace at first. "You'd be really great, Babe..."

She may not start this week... but the idea is in her head. I mulled it in my mind for a long time before I did anything about it... I can't force her. That would take all the joy out of it. I run because I like it... even when I DON'T like it... I do. :) Trail running is as much about adventure & the sights along the way as it is the exertion. I would love nothing more than to have my whole family tromping through the woods on a 5 miler... or more... :)

So... we will look for running shoes, this week. -SUPER excited!- Planning a shoe fitting after school. I can't wait.

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