Wednesday, December 14, 2016

It is Wednesday. I am 48 years old, today. 48?! Why does that not bother me? --I'm okay with it. I'm doing stuff I never could when I was 14... or 18. My belly is flabby. I could change that if I put my mind to it. I'm enjoying family life & not fretting about it, too much.

Jillian graduates this year. 30 years after my own high school graduation. I'm helping with college scholarship applications. I'm helping Hannah sign up for college credit plus classes. I'm helping to promote the Mercy Health Glass City Marathon as well as plan for participating in the Chicago marathon, this next year. I'm considering some other races as well as just "regular training" with a new marathon in training group. --ME?--> training with PEOPLE? It's time...

I am an ambassador for INKnBURN as well as a coach for Ohio's National 4-H Shooting Team. We head to Grand Island Nebraska, this summer to compete with kids from around the U.S.

I need to look into a 25th anniversary trip for us this summer as well.

48? It doesn't bother me. There are too many good things happening right now.

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