Friday, September 29, 2017

This summer I've noticed some things. I forgot to take my phone to work a couple of times or I would put my phone or keys down & not remember where they were. This didn't happen often; but for me, it was unusual. I told my doctor I had been crying. She said it was probably just me taking care of a family, juggling a sick husband, work & training. It apparently wasn't a reason to order a hormonal test or a brain scan. 😊 I was certain things were "changing." This month I went to read my phone & had to adjust how far it was from my eyes, a first. I also had to adjust the angle of my phone. I made an eye dr appt- mostly because I had one pair of contacts left. The usual readings & tests took place. I wanted glasses since my prescription had changed significantly. (I have been in glasses since first grade. I peaked at a negative 9.5, at one point.) As I've gotten older, people naturally get far sighted. This has worked to my advantage. I am now a negative 7.5 AND no more astigmatism in my right eye! Woot! Woot! Imagine my surprise when the lady fitting me for glasses said bifocals. "What?! My eyes are getting better!" Hmmmm... I do remember her saying something when I read the fine, small print about readers. I presumed I DIDN'T need readers. Perhaps I read the line easily because she DID magnify it. 🤦🏻‍♀️

So, I sat- she'll shocked- as she told me my options. I agreed to bifocals. They are my back up. Contacts are still my first visual aid.

I also got my teeth checked, yesterday. I had 50% bone loss after my braces. A specialist gave me options, yesterday. I was sad. He was optimistic. He was also a runner. I noticed his Detroit marathon shirt under his scrubs. He emailed me stuff to do in Chicago next weekend. I am stoked.

Recap: I'm losing my eyes & my teeth! 🙀 Kidding... BUT... I AM fighting getting old(er) as long as I can.

I'm running & doing stuff I couldn't do at 18; I'm proud of that. I suspect, however, that I'll be getting frustrated with my limitations- emotionally,
mentally & visually.

No choice-- it's going to happen. I'll be going with the flow-- but fighting at the same time.

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