Saturday, September 2, 2017

The Boy Scout's 1/2 Marathon was today in Bowling Green, Ohio. The "plan" was to trot, take it easy during the race & do extra miles after the race. I thought I had 18 miles on the schedule. It turns out I had 19! I planned to do an easy peasy 10 min pace for all 19. I wanted today to truly be only a training run-- not a race. That was the PLAN; because, I usually go out too fast at the start of a race & suffer miserably at the end. My "mantra," as I practice for Chicago, is: "Save it. Save it." I could only "save it" at a 10 min pace, for the first few miles. I dropped progressively each mile then hung out at a 9 1/2 min pace. My last mile was a sub 9, finishing at an 8:01 min pace. 
I had plenty in the tank to finish more miles, afterwards. So my goal during training really IS to hold back at the beginning. It is difficult because everyone takes off & you get swept up in the idea of "RACE!!!" It's also strategy. Today was 19 miles but a marathon is 26.2. I truly need to be conservative at the beginning if I want to have a strong finish. 
Considering I had a chiropractor appointment, yesterday, in which he said my hip slipped & I was more than a half inch off leg lengths-- WHICH-- he then proceeded to POP THAT PUPPY back into place... I honestly didn't know what I'd be able to do, today. My entire body was aching this week. My knee was in true, stabbing pain. My left calf was a giant knot all week & was threatening to rip my Achilles. After the alignment, the knee & Achilles were still tender but they held up fine, today. Another long run is done for another week. My finish time was 2:06. I am mixed about this time. Had I considered racing, as one friend kept pushing me to do, I could have had a better time. Had I raced, I may not have had gas in the tank for my extra miles. I feel I needed the knowledge that I had a strong finish & "more at the end" with a 10 min start pace, MORE than a fast race time. I have a pacing strategy for Chicago.

I am working at a different race, tomorrow. The Fulton County fair has started. I am covering hours for employees taking vacation days...add construction at our house for sheer (temporary) chaos and you have the makings for a very busy weekend. I am waiting for the dust to settle... but I must admit, Life is good, right now. 

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