Sunday, October 1, 2017

I don't mean to keep sounding the "you almost died" alarm to Jim... but... GEEZ... I have little flash backs all of the time!

Today, Jim & I did a shortie 5K. "Shortie" is relative. "Slow" is relative. Jim couldn't participate in this race last year. It took everything for him to attend with me then sit. The year before that, he was bed ridden & I missed the race all together. Entering a race "on a whim" was unheard of for Jim. At one time running with someone was difficult for me. At one time running slower than my normal pace was a no-no for my ego & anyone who would see my race results, later.

Today, none of that matters when I'm out with Jim. People were flooding past us. All I could think was: "But we're DOING it!"

At one time the THOUGHT of food would make Jim gag. Today, seeing him talk about donuts after the race, order them, excitedly open the package then close his eyes as he bit into them & let out an "ummmmmm" sound---> it made my heart smile!

He would never have worn a costume to a race. At one time I wouldn't either! Now, here we were in front of God & country trotting around like SNL cheerleaders. He said he "did it for me." I appreciate that. I did it for him! To encourage someone to run, encourage them to be playful & enjoy the run, look around during the run, then stay with them for the run--> that's what makes a partnership work in running & life.

I don't take any of it for granted. I was around families & a supportive community. It was beautiful seeing people & chatting but nothing compared to seeing Jim accomplish the impossible--> running... & eating that donut.

I am a happy girl! 💕

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