Tuesday, September 26, 2017

School drop offs & a dr appt had me to Oak Openings later than usual. My body is still sore from this weekend so I opted for soft- SHADED- trails since it was 80. 😩 It is getting dangerous with fallen leaves covering the trails. No more single track for me until after Chicago. I kicked a root with my left foot & went flying. No face plants, though! 

OMGooodness! Guess who I found at Oak openings? The woman who pushed me into all of this!  The woman who didn't let me get in the last word. The woman who kept telling me I "could" when I kept telling her I "couldn't."She kept reinforcing positivity when my own mother& husband said I couldn't. I thought I couldn't. She knew otherwise. She doted on me, today, like I was a kid she hasn't seen in a long time. She commented, repeatedly at how far I've come & how many changes I've made as a runner. As a fellow runner, she "gets it." She knows the amount of work it takes to get to a start line, a new pace or a new mind set. 

After chatting for some time in the parking lot, we went our separate ways. She invited me to run with her; but we are still very different runners. I NEEDED the trails on my achy body. She wanted pavement. I couldn't physically bring myself to endure the pounding of pavement, today. She chats. I "don't" when running. I am not "mute;" but at a fast pace, or a technical trail, I can't talk. I don't believe I am faster than her, despite what she said, today. I still don't believe I could ever out run her... & part of me wants to keep it that way. In my mind, she will always be the BQ qualifier, the goal setter, the inspiration, the original encouragement. 

I took that encouragement... & ran with it. 

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