Tuesday, September 26, 2017

This past weekend was wonderful. Can running a race change the world? Maybe not. Can wearing pink Cure my friend with cancer? No. Can wearing pink show another friend I'm glad she kicked cancer? Yes. -Some of my race registration goes for local screening & stays to help local females. I know there are volunteers & I know there are others that get paid. If I dwell too much on it, I could get pessimistic at the cost of the race (that affects me) & lose sight of people. I heard women stating how long they had been cancer free, this weekend. I was genuinely happy for all of them; but when I heard one woman say she was cancer free for one month, I choked. The fear, the hope, the fear, again... I remember feeling all of it, not too long ago. 

I run because I physically can. It makes me feel alive even when it sucks. I run because I couldn't. I run because I was told not to... I run for other people when they can't & I run because a small part of my running monetarily helps those around me. 

There are upcoming events. I don't expect that Everyone can run every event, every weekend, every month; but, most of these races have a charity that benefits. I WISH I could do them all. I, personally, love the idea of benefitting kids, women & the sick. 

Why the long windedness? It was a feel good weekend. There is another race approaching, soon. 

Racing for Recovery is in October. I did it last year with Jim. I scoffed, at first, at the cost of two entries, honestly; but, it was local, a friend was doing her first 5K, Jim was well enough & wanted to participate. How could I say no? 

Jim went through his own recovery. While his battle wasn't with street drugs, a life or death situation is just that- no matter what the cause. This race was significant. It was Jim's second 5K post illness. I ran with him. I ran with him instead of solo; because, at one time he couldn't. I ran with him; because at one time I was whining because I WAS running, solo. Now, here, finally, I was running with my partner. Speed would come with strength & endurance.

As I see the advertising of this year's rock theme, I smile. I have never battled addiction. I hear it is awful. I hope to help, locally, while doing something I love. I'll be Racing for Recovery.

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