Wednesday, April 5, 2017

One kid was taking exams this morning which had the school put the other kid on a two hour delay. I took one kid to school at 7:30. The next kid needed to be at school at 9:30 - but picked up at the usual 10:47 so we could get her to UT for Biology. I decided to run 4 miles of hills, near the school. It fit into the schedule perfectly. I picked up 2-hour delay girl & got her to UT... & decided to close my eyes in the parking lot. Sometimes Lab is done in an hour... sometimes more or less time. I usually wait in the parking lot doing office work; but today, I wanted a nap. I woke up as I heard someone messing with my van. It was one of my 4-H kids leaving a note on my windshield! I sat up & scared him, as he scared me & I went into a coughing fit as I almost choked on my gum. He came to the driver's window & apologized. I'm groggy & tried to hold a conversation as I kept coughing. I cut it short because I was pretty out of it. I fell back to sleep (nothing suspicious like a sleeping person in a car, in a parking lot). I was interrupted by PM's & text messages then I got the text that Jillian was done with Lab. I drove across campus (from the free parking lot) to get her & we went home where I finally get cleaned up & finished that nap before work, tonight.

Life is a juggle fest but I'm grateful it all gets done & a nap is manna from heaven, sometimes. It's late & I'm hungry. I contemplate if food or sleep is more important. I suspect my nap is pushing the decision of food to the front of the line. Jim is graciously making something to eat. He shares his running story with me about finishing right before the rain with Lucy but getting stuck in the downpour as OnStar has a delay unlocking his truck. Lucy stares at him & Jim is laughing as he recounts the story. We are training separately at times but we have the same goal-- to keep running until we're super old. 😊 I think that goal is pretty attainable as long as I can sneak a nap in from time to time. 💕

(Sorry for the language)  :)

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