Tuesday, August 23, 2016

He did it!!! His first mile -running- since September 2015!!! It was much slower than 2015; but, he didn't lose his balance! While he can jump rope with "two feet" (landing), now; he still doesn't have the leg strength to do single leg jumps. This is obviously important when running! He has taken a few tumbles but his high school football days taught him to "roll." This has thankfully resulted in no injuries except to his pride.

As he does moderately, uneven trails, I worry; but, he has progressively gotten faster as his running segments have gotten longer during his 1/2 mile loop. Tonight, he doubled his distance for a full mile on the road in front of our house. Walking this distance was exhausting to him in June. It was impossible in April. In August, however... It's quite literally: a milestone!

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