Monday, March 23, 2015

Training not going as planned...? Maybe it's an injury... Maybe you're feeling BOLD & confident that training is going well! How do you change race day plans for the Glass City Marathon?

I had to drop from the full to the 1/2, last year. These are the steps:

Q: If a runner can't run the event, what are their options? "Can I transfer my registration to someone else?" "Can I transfer to a shorter (or longer) race?"
A: "We do have a no-refund policy, however there are several options if you find you can’t participate in the original race of your choice. Any changes need to be done by 3/31/15."
  1. Switch events -- email from the email address you registered with. Advise which event you want to change to. If going up, mail in a check to cover the difference.
  2. Transfer BIB -- three step process. 1) Original registrant -- email with your intent to transfer. 2) Have the new party scan and email, or mail in a paper registration form -- we need the waiver signed. 3) Handle any exchange of funds between the parties. GCM is not responsible for any money exchange.


We hope your training is going well! We hope the wind is at your back... We hope you have a great race photo!

See you at the finish line!

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