Monday, March 16, 2015

03/10/2015 ---Oak Openings owns my heart.--- I am looking forward to the snow melting in NW Ohio so I can get off the roads & paved trails. I am looking forward to tree roots, downed trees, hills, mud, sand & up close flora & fauna. This weekend on my long run, I saw a hawk being dive bombed by a black bird. I saw where the deer had dug through the snow to bed in the underlying leaves... I am SO excited that the weather is warming up & soon, I will have more trail running options. I am excited to see turtles, mushrooms, flowers, bugs, reflective water & artsy shadows of tree roots. Trail running isn't just about exercise. It calms the mind as it reminds you of the different levels of life around us. It reminds me, personally, that I am responsible for the environment. I am responsible for all of those beautiful jewel toned bugs and wild flowers. The baby fawns I see in the Spring, I get to see them grow like kids... How can seeing all of that not soften your heart in an often cold world? I am grateful that our girls also enjoy this. We have enjoyed seeing raccoons, owls, hawks, deer, ducks, geese, turtles, frogs, wildflowers... It is a chance to "unplug" from the internet & spend time together.

Today, I wore GREEN & CRAZY patterns as a "gear test" for an upcoming race. I was preoccupied with the ice & looking down that I ran right past a large doe! I noticed something move in my peripheral. Then I realized there were deer on EACH side of the trail! I was able to take some pictures & all stayed calm even though Lucy was with me.
Good things are coming...

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