Thursday, March 2, 2017

Late work night + late to bed + early rising for school drop offs = wanting to nap. I have a full schedule before work tonight, so I did my run before getting Jillian & then taking her to UT. It's silly the head games I need to play sometimes; but, they work despite me already knowing my intentions. 😜 I had 7-8 miles. I made a deal to only do 7. I didn't want to do that... so, I made a deal to "start." I didn't want to do that, either... Next deal: "Only do one 3 mile loop. (Making it less intimidating) It's only 'one'." I hoped I'd change my mind. I did. I took a couple of pictures, gave myself permission to go slowly & tried to cheer myself on in my mind. It worked. 7 miles done. ✅

During my run, I was reflecting on biomechanics. Contemplating only being able to go "so far" because of the way your leg bones grew in your hip sockets is demoralizing... & a "I beat the odds this far" story. I was jumbled, emotionally.

I still have a Jillian drop off at UT after lunch, physical therapy, a Jillian pick up then work.

While I'd love to qualify for Boston, someday... while I'd love to do an Ironman... while I'd love to do really long ultras... the ONE thing that matters most to me more than ALL of those is this: to keep running until I'm old... REALLY old... If it means going slowly, today, I will. I did. 👍🏼

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