Saturday, March 4, 2017

Oh My Gosh- I did it! I thought I might have to walk or bail early, today. I didn't know what I'd be able to do after my chiropractor appointment, yesterday. I was SO COLD at the start, I could barely move. My toes & hands were freezing & were HURTING. I knew I would feel warmer after we started running & I didn't want to overdress for the run- that's worse than a cold start! -My calves were a giant cramp the first three miles & I just "held on" to the group. I figured I couldn't do sub 10's, today. I was just too tight. I opted to stay with my  original pace group averaging 10-10:30's for the long runs. At a water stop, some stopped. Some kept going. The 1/2 marathoners were running slightly sub 10 minute miles. I ran with them for a bit; but, I had to tell myself to "let them go." They were almost done & only had 10. I was going to have to run another 8 after we dropped them off. We regrouped in the parking lot & 3 of us, plus our coach, left for another 8 miles. We ran on State Route 64 (!!!) & some other busy country roads but our coach kept us safe & against traffic. I had plenty of energy thanks to #tailwindnutrition. No low spots in energy & no bonking or gut bombs. I find if I pack my #orangemud hydraquiver, I can easily take a few sips every mile. Yes- every mile insures I never run out of calories. 3 scoops of Tailwind in my bottle makes sure it has enough calories & is easy to swallow, unlike choking down gels. :p I wanted to surge a few times; but, part of training is using your brain to figure out strategies. I knew if I surged, I may tailspin, early. I ALSO thought about safety. If I left my group (3 guys) I'd be a solo runner on some country roads without my pepper spray or pistol. Stay WITH my "body guards" & I'd  likely have no problems. I stayed tucked in the middle of the pack, unless we were on quiet roads, then I moved next to Coach Eric. I'm so short compared to them, I couldn't see anything but their feet & shirt- not a great view for 8 miles. I didn't need to prove anything today, except to myself-- that I could do the distance, slowly, with no walking. Mission accomplished! Thanks to Jenifer Wiles for a FANTASTIC peanut butter bar waiting for me at  the finish. (Jim wants me to get your recipe.)  I figured out awhile ago that if I "cruise" I can keep going & going. I questioned it today. This cycle of training is making me realize I need to #TrustTheTraining I am training better than ever. I'm feeling strong even during a usually funky week. I can't wait for next week! <3

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