Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Track work out: I was a bit nervous at the thought of it. We had "ladder" Intervals: 1600/1200/1000/800/600/400
I have been able to do the other work outs; so, I took some caffeine & drove to the track. I was surprised at the ease of tonight's workout! I'm not sure if our (new) pacer, tonight, was going easy on us... or if it was the caffeine. It was possibly both. 😁 As we got to our last set we all wanted more! It was a free for all & we just cranked out whatever sprint we had left! There was no pace except a personal "mad dash finish" pace. It felt awesome!!! --I just can't believe how much I love track night. It was a huge cause of anxiety at the beginning. Now it is a confidence builder knowing I have hit these fast times with my group. I'm still reluctant to hit it hard at a 5K but I KNOW I have it in me. That is huge for me-- believing in my abilities. I was thinking about how I was screaming in my head, two weeks ago, 'I can't do this..." then I DID do it! It gave me confidence to do the PI race, last week... & it gave me confidence to show up this week. I am so excited to see how far I can still go this training cycle & then build on it the next training cycle. --What a difference to have a plan, guidance & a pacer! I'm feeling the strongest I've ever felt and biting at the bit to go faster & "hurry" the process to go farther while faster. Considering this is my first training group, I know it will take time to build on this training & get the results I want; but, I am eager to keep going! I'm not even done with this season & im looking forward to many more! 💕

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