Monday, June 1, 2015

I started running about 6 years ago. I only wore black & often looser fitting men's clothes. I wanted to fade into the background as I tried to figure out how to run. My progress was slow & I wanted to not be noticed if you did see me on the trails. --Because I was the only "color" in my school for the longest time, I avoided Spanish rolling of my "R's" when saying my name & everything clothing-style wise that would denote a Spanish heritage. -When I found INKnBURN clothing t...hey had a few Spanish influenced designs that I avoided at all costs. I didn't want to be stereo-typed or teased. Now that these designs are gone. I'm sad. One design was "Amiga" (friend). It looked like a traditional Mariachi band shirt, jacket, belt, buckle & embellishments. The other design was a Sugar Skull. I avoided that because it was a skull first & foremost. --I can't explain this change going on. I LOVE INKnBURN & recently threw caution to the wind on a few purchases. I bought the Muscle T & arm sleeves. Today I bought a pair of Radioactive Skeleton running tights & Cavalera (colorful sugar skull design) singlet. Before that, I purchased bright flowers, dragons & butterflies. The colors & designs of their gear push me to a new place mentally & emotionally- especially the skull designs. -I was wearing guitars, skulls & wings, Friday!!! -Seemed out of place for trail running but it put me in a BA mood to get it done. Running is a mental as well as physical exercise. I'm happy to be pushing past a lot of old thinking... & setting new goals.

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