Monday, June 15, 2015

+6 miles-- 81* & 79% humidity--BLECK! I am not proud of my time but I am proud of the miles. I ran past my van at mile 3, grabbed a drink & kept running. I turned around thinking, "It's too hot; 3 is enough." Then I started thinking of my hot July & August 1/2 marathons. You can't turn around after mile 3 in a race. I remembered the words of a woman I heard, yesterday. She was wondering if she could break a world record. She didn't think she could then said, "Your mind can be your weapon or your weakness." She tried diving & broke the record. I know I have many self imposed mental barriers. I've heard the talk & I believe the talk. Un-learning what seems a normal lifestyle is difficult. It's a rut that is difficult but not impossible to get out of... I'm trying. I went +6 miles- sweating like crazy & heart racing after just a few tenths of a mile. I had to take numerous walking breaks, then the Mosquitos would attack. Ugh! I did see some beautiful sights, today! Some things I was able to take a picture of/ some not. Things I missed: a mole, a butterfly flying into my face, a dragonfly, a turtle sunning on a log. Status: good run, anyways...

(I know my pictures are all similar. Showing off my INKnBURN & never know what to do with my hands...)

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