Sunday, June 14, 2015

I didn't fall in! I was excited to try this Paddleboard class-- until Saturday morning. I left, solo, with the usual anxiety of a race. Water?! What was I thinking!? I arrived & the youthful female instructors were welcoming & kind. Most people in the class came with a friend or family member. I came, sat down, swallowed & blurted hello. Everyone had the same feelings I did & the instructors addressed many topics before getting into the water. I a...sked a ton of questions & received a satisfying answer every time. I didn't feel pressured as the program continued because I had intellectual information over experience- before even touching our boards. We were assigned boards according to height or weight. We headed to the water & onto the boards prone, first... then to knees... then standing. Each step we were given time to get comfortable & allowed to progress at our own speed. The 1st woman went down going to her knees. Out of 7 students & 2 instructors... only 3 of us didn't fall in. Truth be told, though: the instructors were showing advanced moves when they went in. I felt pretty comfortable, only at the end finding out my board was the most buoyant & shortest of the boards.   I'll take it! The weather was perfect. The water was calm. I highly recommend this class through the Metropark. They have more classes in July & August...


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