Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Took my "training wheel" Newtons for their maiden voyage, yesterday. I was getting super bummed that I hadn't been running. I was looking for ANYTHING to make it possible, again! I was hoping Hokas would work but it still hurt my toe. These "first level" Newtons have lugs on my midfoot. My toe was, in essence, hanging over the lug so there was no pressure. I didn't break any records but I was ecstatic just to be out, again!!! I could feel it by mile 1 1/2 but I kept going. By 2 miles, I could feel my toe hitting the sidewall of my toe box. I signed up for a comeback 5K in June. I know it won't be a PR. It may even be a personal worst... but I'm toeing the line, anyways. Feeling a bit portly... but catching up on stuff at home will only keep me busy for so long... My toe was pretty sore, later... but we'll give it another try, tomorrow.

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