Wednesday, May 6, 2015

I had two different discussions with TWO moms, today, about shooting sports. -PLEASE REMEMBER: I WAS THE ANTI-SHOOTING MOM! I was anti-shooting because I was uneducated. Being uneducated stirs fear! -As with any life skill, parents need to oversee, teach & supervise! You wouldn't leave a kid in the kitchen to make a meal with knives, a stove & other electrical appliances without supervision! You wouldn't give a kid a CAR without TEACHING, educating, supervising & CONTINUAL monitoring!!! Shooting is NO DIFFERENT. Many provide food for their families by hunting. I personally DON'T hunt. I couldn't... but I certainly don't fault those that do, as long as they are consuming it... We live in a society that has gun scenes in almost EVERY show or movie around us. I wanted our girls to understand the seriousness of it- not a glamorized, Hollywood version. 4-H exposed us to archery (first) & we tip-toed CAUTIOUSLY to firearms. Please know that each parent in our club is JUST as diligent for safety as I am! Education comes first before anything else. Safety is taught as well as mechanics before anything else (bow to rifle) is TOUCHED! Under supervision, a life skill is taught. Whether a child grows to hunt or not, they are learning aim, patience, control, adaptation, geometry, etc. --Our club is holding a safety course for new shooters as well as a Top Shot competition on May 16th. If you are interested in attending, either, please see our website for details. If you are an adult like me, that was never introduced to shooting sports as a kid & are interested or curious... you'll find this group to be an educational & supportive bunch...

READY for a REVOLUTION- Shooting safety video

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