Wednesday, September 21, 2016

I've been active on Facebook. I'm getting more active on twitter ( @nomorewallflowr ). I haven't been so active, here. Life has been busy in a good way. Jim is really rebounding & the girls are both taking college credit plus classes at the University of Toledo. Compared to high school, they LOVE it! Neither of the girls has a driver's license; so, we are driving them around, daily-- a LOT. It's a pain; but, it gives me one-on-one time to talk with them. It has also allowed me to squeak a half hour of weightlifting, again, twice a week, while waiting for a campus pick up, then ride home.

While my life is revolving around the rest of my family, my running has continued. My mileage has NOT increased to ultra marathon distances but I'm consoled knowing my family is coming first. I gave up many out of town races, this year. Jillian works so hard on her college work. I hate to pull her out of her routine, out of focus, out of her element. School doesn't come easily to her. She works so  hard to focus & finish her work. So I console myself knowing I'm not disrupting the schedule by hauling the family out of town to a hotel so that I can race. --I was satisfied "enough" until Jim was notified of a 5K in Cleveland. The finish is on the 50 yard line in the Cleveland Browns' Stadium! Jim was so excited; he asked me to sign us up! I certainly did!!! He now has a goal race. His mileage has been two miles but he is quite capable to move to 2 1/2, now. I also know the elevation around the stadium. We'll need add some elevation changes to prep him. I am excited for both of us. We plan on running, together. We won't be racing. It's too early for Jim to race. The goal will be to finish strong.  I know he has it in him. -Now, he has a date to shoot for... 👍🏼

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