Sunday, December 20, 2015

 Building my miles, again. I went out for an 8 mile trail run at Oak Openings. I still haven't committed to a race distance for Spring, yet. With Jim being in the hospital from September through October, I missed my full marathon in Detroit. He is still on the mend & I contemplate the full marathon & the amount of time that training will take. I can sign up for the 1/2 marathon, easily, now; but that would confine me to that distance. I want to still keep my options "open". -I have a solid base from years of running but I find my hip still rotates out of alignment. It is extremely painful in places no lady should ever mention. The chiropractor & my little hip rotating exercises are strengthening & alleviating the problem & discomfort. I am optimistic for a Spring 26.2 race and I was visualizing the course on my run, today. I was hopeful. I was positive that I could do the distance. -I contemplated writing about it, today & all of the hashtags I would use to describe my plans. #iCanDoIt #WheresTheTrail #GCMarathon #NoMoreInjuries #ThisOnesForJim #JimsGonnaMakeIt #WishmyGirlsWereHere #NoGoingBack #ChannelingPocahontas #YearForTheUltra #WannaTrailRun #SpiritualityInTheWoods #AmILost #DavesRunning #DavesSocks #OrangeNewtonShoes #InknBurnNerdTights  #RockMyRunMusic #ToledoRoadrunner #PoweredByTailwind #HippyTrailRunner #RunGCM16 #RunToledo #iRunToledo #NerdHerd #OakOpenings #YellowTrail #ImaBadA$$ #myPhoneDied #myGarminDied #noShameInASlowPace #IWannaBreakFourHours #ColdOnlyAtTheStart #ColdWindOnMyFace #SleevesUpThenDown #iLoveMyMetroParks #YouCanDoItToo

Yes, I got nervous this morning. Yes, I stopped for many photos. No, I don't stop for pictures during races. No, I did not walk, today. Yes, it was cold enough that my phone shut off. Yes, I forgot to charge my Garmin & it died. Yes, the run still "happened" despite documentation. Yes, I did a lot of planning & daydreaming. Yes, I had more in me but I had to go to work & had stuff to do at home. I absolutely LOVE trail running. I HOPE to do my Ultra, this year. I hope not to break my toe, again. I hope to still represent INKnBURN for many years. I hope to be an ambassador for Glass City Marathon forever. I hope to inspire others to run. -Even though I run solo most of the time, I think of fellow runners during my runs & think of potential runners. I LOVE taking pictures because hopefully it will get others to come & experience the local Metroparks.

So my plan, right now, is to keep adding a mile to my weekly long runs. I will continue to post pictures & "take you with me". -I may follow Hal Higdon's training plan, again-- or I may ask for help from an actual coach, this year. At this point, I just love to be out & dream of upcoming races... & what I'll wear. ;)